The Most Beautiful Catastrophe

1 December 2018 ‒ 4 January 2019
Participiants: APART Collective, Karolina Brzuzan, Mikuláš Černík, Sara Czyż, Marcin Doś, Krzysztof Jung, Tamás Kaszás, Michal Kindernay, Diana Lelonek, Barbara Sass, Marta Senk, Pavel Sterec, Tereza Stöckelová, Vladimír Turner


29 September ‒ 9 November 2018

artists: Lukáš Houdek, Oto Hudec, Ivana Mariposa Čonková, Magda Fabiańczyk, Francesca and Sára, Milan Kohout, Kundy Crew, Lidija Mirković, Moje Ralsko, Csaba Nemes, Tomáš Rafa, Michaela Pospíšilová Králová, Richard Wiesner
exhibition design: Radim Labuda

Wiktor Stribog. Dreams About Being Eaten Away

28 July ‒ 7 September 2018


Agatha gets to the Mushroom Land through the hollowed apple. She meets a squirrel Maggie there, who can be everywhere, even in Agatha’s nose, and encourages her to find a mushroom light in herself. From their shared adventures we learn how to make out of paper, how to properly the phone, and how your child.

The moon is for adults only

2 July ‒ 7 September 2018

Artists: Olaf Brzeski, Hubert Czerepok, Inchrome, Natalia Juranek, Katarzyna Łaciak, Rubén Serna, Dominik Skiendziel, Grażyna Sokołowska, Rafał Urbacki, Paweł Wątroba, Konrad Wujciów
And: Alicja, Arek, Daria, Dawid, Dominik, Dorota, Iga, Julita, Klaudia, Magda, Martyna, Michał, Olga, Patryk, Roksana

Juraj Florek. Coal and Eggs

5‒18 July 2018

The idea behind Juraj Florek's work is simple - as a painting subject he chooses the contemporary urban environment, urban landscape, and particularly its industrial and post-industrial fabric.

Marek Wodzisławski. The Dead Zone

26 May ‒ 29 June 2018

Marek Wodzisławski places the biological death in the dead zone, understood as an area of non-existence where connectedness is not possible. Its apparent concealment is synonymous with inability to experience and human fear of disintegration and decomposition.

Małgorzata Goliszewska. I wish you all the best in the world

26 May ‒ 29 June 2018

“I’ve read a lot of self-help books: Polish, American, online, I became an expert. For two years I lived surrounded by advice, tips and cautions.”

Małgorzata Goliszewska

Grzegorz Hańderek. Nothing Happened at All

24 March ‒ 28 April 2018

The exhibition Nothing happened at all by Grzegorz Hańderek comments on the issue of symbolic and imagined community that refers to the mythologized past moulded by trauma or mythically-symbolic instinct of quasi-religious roots, where community is understood as an oppressive phenomenon.

Małgorzata Szandała. Internationalism: A Note on the Landscape With a Potted Fig Tree and a Spielplatz

24 March ‒ 28 April 2018


1. „to advocate equal rights, friendship and cooperation among all nations”
2. „a loanword that appears in several languages with the same meaning”

Dorota Hadrian. Marzanna

24 March ‒ 28 April 2018

In 1929, Virginia Woolf advocated for female artists to have their own income and their own locked room. In 2018, a studio of one's own is still a dream for most female artists.

Martyna Wolna. Bitterly, Bitterly

27 January ‒ 3 March 2018

„Look, there is a job for you. You’ll only need to go and say: a line, a dot; you’ll watch the beautiful bodies. That’s all. And the cash ends up in your pocket.”⁠1

Adelina Cimochowicz. How do you all feel today?

27 January ‒ 3 March 2018

The starting point of the first individual exhibition of Adelina Cimochowicz is an irrational anxiety that derives out of the lack of self-trust.