I had to become the sun myself. Małgorzata Goliszewska, Dorota Hadrian, Patrycja Orzechowska

19 November ‒ 30 December 2022

The womanhouse is an area of small deeds. It is the opposite of great men's acts. Brotherhood is in fighting, sisterhood is in care.

Inflow of strength. Pamela Bożek, Liliana Zeic

18 June ‒ 5 August 2022

At the intersection of privilege and exclusion, Pamela Bożek and Liliana Zeic fight for public status for their sisters and brothers, locals and newcomers. They confront collective acts and collective creation with empty rituals and stimulate the telling of other stories for a new world.

Alicja Pakosz. These shoes are not for walking

15 April ‒ 27 May 2022

My great-grandfather repaired and made shoes, good for walking. He also dug coal and took part in the war. Most of those required the use of his hands – it was manual work that he performed diligently.

Eliza Proszczuk. Animals born in a zoo don’t go crazy

15 April ‒ 27 May 2022

All members of our society participate in the administration of punishment and should feel responsible for our penal system.

Gunnar Engstrom, Tidaholm County Director, Sweden 

Karolina Konopka. Gyburstag

19 February ‒ 25 March 2022

Gyburstag - while in most regions of Poland the name day is the preferred celebration, people in Silesia celebrate the birthday or gyburstag.

Magda Kieszniewska. Be a Lady

19 February ‒ 25 March 2022

In her latest works, Magda Kieszniewska focuses on the attributes stereotypically associated with femininity, transferring them into the area of household, terrain or even partisan activities.