Utopian Code of Rights

The online publication summarises the educational project Utopian Code of Rights and is part of the exhibition Chill in the Room Sipping Vanilla Milk.

The Life of Humans. Catalogue


The Life of Humans” project is a tale of a man and his culture seen from the perspective of an explorer of human civilisation, a form typical of nature TV programmes or scientific papers.

Fear and Shaking

July 2020

It is here, at the very beginning of the text that I need to explain myself for the whim to refer to Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher whose life – if we are to believe the Polish Wikipedia – was not extremely eventful. Especially, if it is revived in the context of an exhibition featuring moving and barking brushes, tutorials of the so-called Russian hackers’ cracking methods and plasterboards dust – an exhibition which is closely con-nected with external events i.e. with the world which for over three months manifested itself to the fullness of its intensity.

Bon Appétit

February 2020

In Poland, disability – just like the owls in Twin Peaks – is not what it seems to be. It is the same with Joanna Pawlik’s exhibition, hosted by the Bytom Kronika Gallery, where the Red Room – inspired by Lynch’s series – is not inside the Black Lodge.

The Diary of Space Residencies


An illustrated diary of intergalactic travel, describing the artist's adventures in the Cosmos as part of a residency for the Centre for Social Omniscience.

The Most Beautiful Catastrophe


We are all both spectators and participants in the changes leading to the end of the world as we know it. The exhibition, activities and publication (...) are the results of the Most Beautiful Catastrophe project, which raises questions about engagement, activism and individual responsibility, as well as real and imagined impact on the fight against climate change.



The catalogue HateFree? is a summary of the project, which was a reaction to the growing phenomenon of hate speech towards minorities in Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular to hateful attitudes towards the Roma.