Chill in the Room Sipping Vanilla Milk

"Chill in the Room Sipping Vanilla Milk" is an exhibition presenting art installations created by artists during their creative residencies in Bytom.

The exhibition will be a visual manifesto describing a utopian convention of children's rights to a comfortable perception of the world through their senses, which includes the following postulates: the right to silence and sound, natural taste and smell, a well-designed school, street and home, as well as participation in discussions about the surrounding reality. The audiovisual installations will refer to a "spa for the senses", which will result from activities based on the democratic demands made by the children. This is particularly important in a city with such a degraded social fabric as Bytom, where the habit of active participation in artistic activities is negligible. Freely created visual representations of such notions as abstraction, the function of space, and the influence of noise and silence will become a flashpoint for the imagination of the young participants in the artistic event.

The title of the exhibition is a fragment of Julian Tuwim's poem "The Scent of Happiness", referring to the memory of childhood senses, comfortable slices of reality. The concept of the exhibition is a response to the observed problems and needs diagnosed during the evaluation of the project "See the Sun with Your Eyes Closed" - an exhibition aimed at young viewers, realised in 2020 at the Kronika CCA.

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