Chill in the Room Sipping Vanilla Milk

13 November 2021 ‒ 28 January 2022

"Chill in the Room Sipping Vanilla Milk" is an exhibition presenting art installations created by artists during their creative residencies in Bytom.

Łukasz Dziedzic. Ad maiorem Poloniae gloriam

28 August ‒ 15 October 2021

In the 1930s maritime issues in Poland were popularised by the Maritime and Colonial League that had been operating under various names from 1918. In 1939, it was one of the largest social organisations, with around one million members.

Małgorzata Szandała, Marta Szulc. Woman in the Moon

28 August ‒ 15 October 2021

The title of the exhibition refers to Fritz Lang's science fiction film “Woman in the Moon” (1929), in which the woman’s role is heavily dominated by her male companions.

Grażyna M. Olszewska. Apparitions

19 June ‒ 6 August 2021

Mamidło – Polish:
  1. something that lures and attracts;
  2. an illusion, a vision.

Adam Łucki. Your Rules Make Me The Other

19 June ‒ 6 August 2021

The project touches upon such issues as ostracism against the Other, exclusion, broadly defined class divisions, marginalisation and social pressure.

Mateusz Kokot. Hidden in plain sight

19 April ‒ 28 May 2021

In one of the alternative realities, heliocentrism is a lie. The Earth is a flat disc, covered with a dome, with the Sun and the Moon orbiting under it. Instead of gravity, the planet's surface is affected by electromagnetism or, like in a lift, by the illusion of attraction caused by a uniformly accelerated upward movement.

Uladzimir Pazniak. We'll Just Die Like Animals and They Will go to Heaven

10 April ‒ 28 May 2021

"And it seemed to the young man that he saw a whole nation murdered, floating in a sea of heavenly brightness..." 

Ignacy Krasiński, The Un-divine Comedy

Lena Achtelik. Are There as Many Butterflies Now as There Were When we Were Children?

10 April ‒ 28 May 2021

The first experience of death was romantic, even oneiric - recalled years later it brings to mind Ophelia from Millais’s painting. The second time, the experience of the corpse was quite different. A body in a state of severe decomposition had already been taken over by nature: insects ate the face, larvae nested under the skin. The strong smell of decay could not be compared with any known odour.