The Fact of not Happening Remains

24 September ‒ 5 November 2016

There are situations when something should appear but does not. Circumstances are arranged as if something should happen, but it does not. The strong possibility of a certain plot development is not realised. This gives the impression of a particular kind of disappointment. It is as if reality has passed by. What remains, however, is the simple fact of not happening.

All Bogeys to the Basement

23 July ‒ 1 September 2016

participants: Natalia Bażowska, Hubert Czerepok, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Maciej Kurak and: children and youth from Bytom

Daniil Galki. Dream Paralysis

16 April ‒ 11 June 2016

Dream paralysis (sleep paralysis) occurs during the REM phase in order to block involuntary movements during sleep. Yet, it might happen that we suddenly wake up and the paralysis continues. Such moments situate us in a border state between reality and dreams: our mind has already woken up, but the body is still asleep. Since we are unable to move or utter a sound, we fall prey to panic, and the terrified mind begins to generate oneiric hallucinations. Fear inspires nightmares and the experienced emotions gradually become real. We begin to see nightmares in reality and hear sounds that become ever more terrifying.

Bartosz Zaskórski. The Story of a Pipe and Other Love Stories

16 April ‒ 11 June 2016

The story of a pipe is an audio drama devoted to a young artist compelled by a heartbreak to take up Conceptual art. He concentrates on the question of pipes, and thus paves the way for a tragedy.

Dominik Cymer. Dreams & Marketing

16 April ‒ 11 June 2016

Dominik Cymer's exhibition Dreams & Marketing is a self-critical visual statement of a well-known designer and entrepreneur concerning the questions of marketing and advertising as well as the patterns of thinking and the visions of liaisons between art and business, fantasies of success. Design and advertising operate towards specific goals. The goal of design is utility, while the goal of promotion is to create the myth of a brand and instigate desires.

Dorota Hadrian. Renaissance

13 February ‒ 25 March 2016

Kopernik could not be a woman. Although the Renaissance is perceived as a breakthrough period with respect to human dignity and liberty, contemporary women-researchers contest the view of the 19th century art historian Jacob Burckhardt, a specialist in that epoch, who considered the position of men and women equal in the Renaissance – nothing could be more wrong, they claim.

Agata Biskup. As Far as Sight Can Reach

13 February ‒ 25 March 2016

Agata Biskup's exhibition As Far as the Sight Can Reach is a film frame, a background for the first scenes that will be shot for Przemek Czepurko’s non-existent film, Methylenblau. The show has been created with this film material in mind and works for its purposes.