Paul Philipp Heinze. Nocturnal Times

29 November 2014 ‒ 31 January 2015

The audio visual installation "nocturnal times" by Paul Philipp Heinze exposes the deep and non-obvious, but mostly inherent aspects of Black Metal, which reveal compelling strength and alluring attraction to diverse groups of people.

STANZA. Parallel Realities: Entropy Through Black Matter

29 November 2014 ‒ 31 January 2015

This artwork links three places Dudley in England, Bytom in Poland, and Charlerio in Belgium. These are three famoues mining areas or or "Black Counties". What you see in the artwork are real time images from CCTV and road networks from ecah location sourced from over 90 cameras all fused into one real time vidual artwork experience.

Plica Polonica

29 November 2014 ‒ 31 January 2015

participants: Piotr Bujak, Bogna Burska, Hubert Czerepok, Maya Gordon, Katarzyna Górna&Jakub Majmurek, Michał Korchowiec, Jerzy Lewczyński, Zbigniew Libera, Jacek Niegoda, Dorota Nieznalska, Patrycja Orzechowska, Krystyna Piotrowska, Stephanie Syjuco, Andrzej Tobis, Piotr Wysocki.

Jan Pfeiffer. Support Points

29 November 2014 ‒ 31 January 2015

The „Support Points“ project considers the topic of a long term maintenance of ideas, visions and their translation into a visual language of shapes (forms) and signs, it also asks how to know when certain philosophic direction is still vital, up-to-date and beneficial, and when it is just a repetitious effort to keep it alive.

Michał Korchowiec. Four Seasons of the Year, No Spring Though

27 September ‒ 8 November 2014

Michał Korchowiec’s exhibition Cztery pory roku, lecz bez wiosny (Four Seasons of the Year, No Spring Though) consist of a monumental feature interactive installation, as well as of a selection of artist’s latest paintings.

Stephanie Sujyco & Piotr Bujak. Dirty Works

11 July ‒ 23 August 2014

Dirty Works is a joint initiative of Stephanie Syjuco and Piotr Bujak, and it consists of completed projects, as well as “work-in-progress” projects performed throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Patrycja Orzechowska. Body in Form

10 May ‒ 28 June 2014

The title of the exhibition, Body in Form, outlines the main themes of Patrycja Orzechowska's art: corporality, issues of the mutual order of people and phenomena, the vitality of things. The show at the Kronika presents works from the artist's last few years: collages, staged photographs and installations.

Andrzej Tobis. Exhibits

10 May ‒ 28 June 2014

Dowody rzeczowe (Exhibits) exhibition consists of the latest Andrzej Tobis paintings that form a series with made-up, hypothetic geometrical sculptures as uniting motif. With Dowody rzeczowe artist also returns to practicing art by mean of painting.

Grzegorz Klaman. Black Dawn

11 January ‒ 22 February 2014

The exhibition Black Dawn by Grzegorz Klaman presents the artist's recent works. Two projects form the axis of the exhibition: Dreaming and Solidarity Guerilla.