Stephanie Sujyco & Piotr Bujak. Dirty Works

Dirty Works is a joint initiative of Stephanie Syjuco and Piotr Bujak, and it consists of completed projects, as well as “work-in-progress” projects performed throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Common denominator for both artists – both graduated from legendary San Francisco Art Institute (Stephanie Syjuco BFA '95, Piotr Bujak MFA '12) – is the creation with the use of various mediums of multilevel statements on the subject of contemporary capitalism and consumerism, as well as oppressiveness of post-pop culture reality. Their works, with distinctive Post-Marxist sensibility, characteristic to America West Coast avant-garde, are usually created with the use of Do-It-Yourself strategy and perversely sophisticated low budget aesthetics . Project prepared in cooperation with Kronika from Bytom is Stephanie Syjuco’s artistic debut in Poland at the same time.

Stephanie Syjuco (born 1974 in Manila, Philippines) - visual artist, uses various mediums. She has exhibitions in the most important art institutions of the world and her works are on the display in Berkeley Art Museum, The New Museum in New York, San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, Whitney Museum Of Modern Art (New York), among others. Assistant Professor in Sculpture, University of California at Berkeley. Lives and works in San Francisco.

Piotr Bujak (born 1982, Będzin) - visual artist, uses various mediums. Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Contemporary artat Pedagogical University of Cracow. He currently lives and works in Cracow and Bytom.

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