In the autumn of 2006, Kronika began its residency programme, exploiting the potential of an institution where artists and curators not only work but also live while interacting with local communities, cooking, listening to music, discussing etc.

The aim of the programme is to involve the residents in the ongoing process of searching for a new model of functioning for Kronika, as well as to familiarise the guests from outside with the specificity of the Silesian region, once one of the key links in the communist economy, today a place affected by the trauma of economic and social transformation.

Till now, the starting point was to work in the context of the place, to get acquainted with the specificity of the region and its social problems. The activities carried out were often site-specific. Inherent in the work were workshops and activities with the local community (often socially excluded groups), including educational activities for children and young people from different backgrounds.

From 2012 to 2015, Kronika ran an international residency programme in collaboration with the Imago Mundi Foundation in Kraków, as part of the Project Metropolis programme - the programme undertook to create a contemporary portrait of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie. It opened a discussion between visual and sound artists, treating art as a cognitive tool rather than a wishful image. The aim of the project was to discover parallel, existing side by side: cities in the city, regions in the region.

Presentation of the work carried out during the residency may take the form of a temporary exhibition, publication, open workshop, panel discussion, concert, action in public space, performative activities, etc.

The proposal of the residency project together with the portfolio should be sent to the following e-mail address: