Paul Philipp Heinze. Nocturnal Times

The audio visual installation "nocturnal times" by Paul Philipp Heinze exposes the deep and non-obvious, but mostly inherent aspects of Black Metal, which reveal compelling strength and alluring attraction to diverse groups of people.

Paul Philipp Heinze - Born in 1981 in Leipzig, Germany, Paul Philipp Heinze studied at UDK Berlin, ERBA Nantes and HGB Leipzig where he received a Diploma with honours (MFA) in Media Arts. Growing up in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), Heinze credits the state’s political transition from socialism to capitalism as a crucial influence on his socio-critical artistic thinking. Movements such as Institutional Critique and Relational Aesthetics, as well as anti-art movements such as Situationist International and Fluxus also influence his post-conceptual approach to art.

Understanding the concept of an institution as a "system of rules causing a particular social order’" or a "sedimentation of dynamic social processes" Heinze expands the traditional notion of Institutional Critique by shifting the focus from inherent topics of the "art operating system" – such as museums, galleries and art markets – to the entire spectrum of the human and non-human existence.

Paul Philipp Heinze explores topics including "identity construction", "post-humanism", "the post-internet economy" and "cognitive capital" through artistic techniques such as installation, performance and intervention. He describes his work as bildhauerisch (sculptural), in the broadest sense, while also emphasising the "sensual qualities" of concepts.

He is collaborating with various artists on diverging projects and his work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions including Teatr Studio Warsaw (2014), S T O R E Dresden (2014), Art Museum Magdeburg (2014), Gallery of the Ministry of Culture Pristina (2013), ADDS DONNA Chicago (2013), Laden für Nichts Leipzig (2013), Artplay Moscow (2013), PROGR Bern (2012), Maison de l’Architecture Nantes (2011), Gallery Duplex Sarajevo (2011), Kunsthalle Exnergasse Vienna (2011), Black Door Istanbul (2010), Galerie Hafenrand Hamburg (2010).

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