STANZA. Parallel Realities: Entropy Through Black Matter

This artwork links three places Dudley in England, Bytom in Poland, and Charlerio in Belgium. These are three famoues mining areas or or "Black Counties". What you see in the artwork are real time images from CCTV and road networks from ecah location sourced from over 90 cameras all fused into one real time vidual artwork experience.

Black and white photos from the past and present in the same three locations are also merge into the visual narrative creating a generative process. The process revealed is of constant change and re generation mapping order to chaos.

The artwork creates what the artist Stanza calls a "Parrallel Reality", merging multple exprience of the same place into one fused experience. The vision you see is contantly changing, ongoing and moving forward in time with or with or without your participation this artwork is constantly changing forever or untill the system breaks down.

This artwork sits in the middle of a romantic reflection about the hard working industrial past and a future when the whole concept of work may become obsolete. The series of "live" data streams alternately stutters in and out of existence and flow into abstract patterns and textures. The "live" scenes create a real-time generative experience which quickly morph into kaleidoscopic Rorschach that alters our initial perceptions and demand analysis.

As a generative work, it calls into question the fixed perspectives of other types of media. The patterns we make, the forces we weave, are all being networked into retrievable data structures that can be re-imagined and sourced for information. These patterns all disclose new ways of seeing the world.

In this interactive/participatory art, the "viewer" is forced to passively observe this piece, which simultaneously serves as a call to action.

Stanza is an internationally recognised artist, who has been exhibiting worldwide since 1984. His artworks have won twenty international art prizes and art awards including:- Vidalife 6.0 First Prize. SeNef Grand Prix. Videobrasil First Prize. Stanzas art has also been rewarded with a prestigious Nesta Dreamtime Award, an Arts Humanities Creative Fellowship and a Clarks bursary award.
His artworks have been exhibited with over fifty exhibitions globally. Participating venues have included :- Venice Biennale: Victoria Albert Museum: Tate Britain: Mundo Urbano Madrid: New Forest Pavilion Artsway: State Museum, Novorsibirsk. Biennale of Sydney, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo Mexico: Plymouth Arts Centre: ICA London: Sao Paulo Biennale:
Recurring themes throughout his career include the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and alienation in the city. Stanza is interested in the patterns we leave behind as well real time networked events that can be re-imagined and sourced for information. Stanza uses multiple new technologies to create distances between real time multi-point perspectives that emphasize a new visual space. The purpose of this is to communicate feelings and emotions that we encounter daily which impact on our lives and which are outside our control.

This work was commissioned by WAVE the galleries, museums and archives of Wolverhampton for the Black Country Echoes Festival 2014 and received financial support from Arts Council England.

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