Workers of the Artworld Unite

26 October ‒ 7 December 2013

Workers of the Artworld Unite is a popularising exhibition which, using the language of art and artistic activities, aims to illustrate current economic problems of artists, curators and institutions dealing with visual arts in Poland, as well as the place or status of art and its creators in the social field.

Szymon Kobylarz. Art for Art's Sake

27 April ‒ 22 June 2013

Szymon Kobylarz's exhibition consists of several dozen paintings - watercolours from the years 2012-13. The artist painted hypothetical, imaginary exhibitions (utopian, impossible, probable, meaningless), which could take place in the space of Bytom's institution (although not only there), as well as those proposed by the curator - planned for the next year and a half, thanks to which the painting fantasy will wait for its real reflection or crossing out the imaginary in a real exhibition in the future. It is a kind of setting of a task: a "test" of imagination.