Szymon Kobylarz | Library | watercolour, 50x70cm | 2012

Szymon Kobylarz. Art for Art's Sake

Szymon Kobylarz | Library | watercolour, 50x70cm | 2012

Szymon Kobylarz's exhibition consists of several dozen paintings - watercolours from the years 2012-13. The artist painted hypothetical, imaginary exhibitions (utopian, impossible, probable, meaningless), which could take place in the space of Bytom's institution (although not only there), as well as those proposed by the curator - planned for the next year and a half, thanks to which the painting fantasy will wait for its real reflection or crossing out the imaginary in a real exhibition in the future. It is a kind of setting of a task: a "test" of imagination.

Kobylarz started as a painter, however in recent years he has become known mainly as an author of paranormal installations, and his fear of the strong medium of painting has been transformed into a pastiche of a fragment of the painter's studio transferred to the art gallery in a 1:1 scale, where the artist slept during the vernissage.

In his exhibition in Kronika, the status of painting will change its decorative role into a strictly functional one, but at the same time one that is able to generate a reality / idea / new situation. In Art for Art's Sake, the artist's paintings will serve the exhibitions of other artists, curators, galleries.

Szymon Kobylarz (born 1981) - visual artist, uses various media (installations, painting, sculpture). He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he currently works. He cooperates with the Żak Branicka Gallery in Berlin.

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