Paweł Kulczyński. Earlids 2

Second installment of the Earlids series, whose individual parts are realised according to a similar method: a self-evolving, multi-channel composition/installation placed in a darkened room into which the sounds of the external environment are transmitted.

The reproduced sound undergoes profound transformations in real time, and the form of these transformations depends on various external factors, e.g. the weather, ocean tides, the movement of people and animals, machines, the activity of traffic routes - data coming from measurable processes, corresponding to the theme of a given Earlids edition.

The first Earlids installation was presented in Krakow at the No Local Foundation as part of the Fragile Boredom project.

The current installation is aimed at the street adjacent to Kronika, which is the site of street trading by local residents who try to repair their household budgets in various ways, generating a multitude of complex noises in the process.

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