Adam Łucki. Your Rules Make Me The Other

The project touches upon such issues as ostracism against the Other, exclusion, broadly defined class divisions, marginalisation and social pressure.

The multifaceted show presents narratives about the search for one’s place, fear of the future while facing the imminent ecological disaster and the search for finding the formula for life while maintaining one’s subjectivity and self-determination. It is also a story about a relationship with mother being a figure essential to the process of self-discovery and the final definition of the atavistic desire of closeness: uncensored, natural and consistent with everyone's needs. This peculiar universe has been created from several needs: for acceptance, security, contact with nature, existential comfort, awareness of roots and, above all, the need to be with another person.


I had problems at school.

Even before I did, the kids already knew I was different.

They could be cruel and knew millions ways to humiliate you.

They could create a season in hell for me with the speed of a shooting star.

The football pitch was the worst.

I always kicked the ball into my own goal.

I couldn’t focus.

I preferred combing dolls and kept thinking about them.


I painted a Kurpie-cut-out-like mural on the gable wall to let the people in the village get used to the view of two roosters on one muckheap. It was not, after all, a standard relationship in the Polish village. Their rules made me the other.

I did what I could to adapt a little, to make myself part of the overall context.

I let the priest in and my female housekeeper dispelled any doubt among the villagers. 

 Finally, after two years they stopped breaking my fence or shouting “Gas the faggots!"

They did not cart me away on a wheelbarrow full of dung.

One day, even the village head’s daughter said to her mother: 

Mum, but he is quite normal.

Adam Łucki


Adam Łucki (born 1983) - visual and intermedia artist, set designer, illustrator. A graduate of the Institute of Visual Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He studied Art History at the Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He has created for theatre, opera and film, making over 30 stage designs. He specialises in illustrating  Stanisław Lem’s stories. He produces and creates artistic actions, installations and para-theatrical activities. His work explores themes of exclusion, ostracism, heimat, mystification, anthropocene anxiety and the covenant with nature.

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