White Lie

The publication White Lie is a theoretical and critical extension, as well as a summary and documentation of the exhibition of the same title. It is also a collection of texts by the exhibition curators: Emilia Orzechowska and Stanisław Ruksza, psychologist Agnieszka Jasińska, literature critic Anna Kałuża and art historian Agata Cukierska, in which the theorists outline a broader context for the phenomenon of 'untruth' and place the exhibition in a contemporary socio-cultural context.

Nature Lesson


Nature Lesson with text by Maciej Cholewa and illustrations by Piotr Kowalczyk is a bilingual publication summarising the educational project "Not all flowers are artificial" carried out at the Kronika CCA in 2017.

A Place Where We Could Go

Projekt Metropolis

The title A Place Where We Could Go, borrowed from Jeremy Jay's song, is the name of part of the international programme Projekt Metropolis co-organised by the Imago Mundi Foundation and the Kronika CCA in Bytom. The book with the same title documents the artists' activities in Upper Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie: their meetings with local communities, with history and the present, and finally with other artists.

Plica Polonica


"A witch has cast the tangle on a woman from Drasko in Poznan area, «sowing dog’s hair into her leg». The leg began to suppurate, wild meat appeared in the sore, and hair began to grow from it, curling in the witches eyes, shimmering with all the colours of the rainbow.”

H. Dobrzycki - On the tangle, commonly known as «Plica polonica» (1877)

Szymon Kobylarz. Art for Art's Sake


Polish-English catalogue from Szymon Kobylarz's exhibition Art for Art's Sake, first held at the Kronika CCA in 2013.

Workers of the Artworld Unite

Workers of the Artworld Unite is a publication accompanying a popularising exhibition which, using the language of art and artistic activities, aims to illustrate current economic problems of artists, curators and institutions dealing with visual arts in Poland, as well as the place or status of art and its creators in the social field.

Social Works


Social Works sums up Kronika's six-month programme, the aim of which was to show the potential of contemporary art in the social field.



Indunature edited by Marcin Doś is a visual adventure book, a guidebook under the banner of an alternative view of Upper Silesia and an attempt at a lifestyle exploration of the region, with its subcultural potential.

Bad News


A collection of texts accompanying the exhibition organised by Magdalena Ujma and Joanna Zielińska in consequence of the reflection on the status of beauty. As the curators write in the introductory text: "Contemporary beauty has turned out to be allied if not with evil, then at least with melancholy, depression and nostalgia. Images of bad events and catastrophes turned out to be the places of its occurrence. They emphasise the aestheticisation of the image of bad events, characteristic of mass culture, the disappearance of truth in favour of aesthetics and politics, a protest against the violence of the media image.