fot. Agata Cukierska

A Place Where We Could Go

fot. Agata Cukierska

The title A Place Where We Could Go, borrowed from Jeremy Jay's song, is the name of part of the international programme Projekt Metropolis co-organised by the Imago Mundi Foundation and the Kronika CCA in Bytom. The book with the same title documents the artists' activities in Upper Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie: their meetings with local communities, with history and the present, and finally with other artists.

Activities focused on discovering and co-creating places where we can go to explore and learn about them. Using art as a tool for knowledge, the programme engages in a discussion about places of complex identity, marked by stereotypes, while at the same time excavating forgotten mental spaces of Upper Silesia and Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, and creating a new iconography of the region.

Regardless of the context of the project's activities - the rapidly changing, largest Polish metropolis - the broad thematic landscape is important. Many issues, including memory, work on archives, the Polish transformation and the glories and shadows of modernisation, the transformation of work, the future of post-industrial regions, are the starting point for new subsets of exhibitions, smaller narratives. The region is thus conceived here as a matrix, with glocal issues (think globally, act locally), to be universally read also in other places

This publication deliberately does not form a coherent whole. It is a set of various autonomous realizations of artists, supplemented by texts of invited guests, a specific testimony of meeting of various groups, for which art has become a "social glue".

- Stanisław Ruksza, curator of the project

Editor: Stanisław Ruksza | Texts: Daniel Brożek, Teresa E., Pablo Larios, Christoph Tannert, Agata Tecl-Szubert, Łukasz Trzciński, Stanisław Ruksza, Jarosław Urbański, Dariusz Zalega | Design, typesetting: Tomasz Bierkowski | Fundacja Imago Mundi & CSW Kronika, Bytom 2014

  • Publication
  • Projekt Metropolis
  • 2014
  • editor: Stanisław Ruksza
  • Fundacja Imago Mundi & CSW Kronika, Bytom 2014
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