Indunature edited by Marcin Doś is a visual adventure book, a guidebook under the banner of an alternative view of Upper Silesia and an attempt at a lifestyle exploration of the region, with its subcultural potential.

Beyond this, the book also serves as the focal point of the project ALTERNATIF TURISTIK or a smile with destruction in the background. ALTERNATIF TURISTIK is a participatory, interdisciplinary project consisting of the book Indunature, an exhibition, excursions, meetings, concerts, workshops, picnics, bicycle rentals, unproductive wandering around forgotten places, laziness...

The emphasis is on creating a new, parallel map of Silesia, using places that are usually unnoticed, tracking down post-industrial architecture and its "silent" users. Viewing requires travelling around the whole of Upper Silesia, which is to be facilitated by: trams, minibuses, bike rental and special "guided tours" - guided excursions focused on particular parts of the project.

The book Indunature, as well as the whole project ALTERNATIF TURISTIK begins at the same time a long-term, multidisciplinary programme MADE IN BYTOM (architecture, visual arts, music, fashion, extreme sports, chill-out), taming an alternative lifestyle, cultural strategies for the city and shaping a new and bold identity vision of Bytom.

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