Juraj Florek. Coal and Eggs

The idea behind Juraj Florek's work is simple - as a painting subject he chooses the contemporary urban environment, urban landscape, and particularly its industrial and post-industrial fabric.

What emerges is a painterly representation, a "celebration of everyday life", which illustrates the author's social environment and his joy of living in the city. During his stay in Bytom, the artist focused his attention on industrial buildings - functioning, abandoned and those with altered functions.

The paintings in the Bytom Urban Plein-air series are meant to convey to the viewer a part of the adventure of painting in the urban open air, to inspire citizens to interact with their surroundings. The city - in this case Bytom - is the research material here. The selection of views may knock the viewer out of his comfort zone, may concern an overlooked yet interesting part of the city, sometimes its apparent banality or dark side, which paradoxically turns out to be picturesque.

Juraj Florek (1986) - visual artist, painter, graduate of the Academy of Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). His works were presented at many individual and collective exhibitions, among others in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain and Austria.

Financial support by International Visegrad Fund – Visegrad Artist Residency – Visual and Sound Arts.

  • Exhibition
  • Residency
  • 5‒18 July 2018
  • artist: Juraj Florek
  • under artistic residency
  • residency funded by the International Visegrad Fund
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