Marek Wodzisławski. The Dead Zone

Marek Wodzisławski places the biological death in the dead zone, understood as an area of non-existence where connectedness is not possible. Its apparent concealment is synonymous with inability to experience and human fear of disintegration and decomposition.

Death is represented in the plain of painting objects through the means of substances, preparations and their imitations. It becomes objectified, disguised, and placed in the context of wider arrangements. The artist subjects matter circulation to artistic interpretation, where the colour of organic remains and objects is of overriding importance. The colour allows adopted matter to dialogue with itself in the area of abstraction. It becomes a fetish, and reveals itself in disconnection from its material carrier, it opalesces, contains a secret in itself. The catalogue of compositions is made of reproductions of reality, redefinitions and readaptations of matter, reincarnations and retransmissions of information about death. Prefix “re-“ means here “again”, “anew”, and stresses the repeatability of the cycle and transformations in nature.
The dead zone is also an area of idleness, inertia of the body, stillness and lack of a story. Human figures become dehumanized, they lack a voice and a personality, they become the next element of abstraction, they become pure soma placed in the stage scenery or in the landscape. In this artificially produced, degraded environment Wodzisławski equals the alive with the dead, following the natural order of balance.

Marek Wodzisławsk
i (1985) - a student of painting at The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in the studio of professor Jacek Rykała. In his artistic works he explores the links between representation and matter, boundaries and influence of an image, body and space, nature and myth. His interest in ornithology, dissecting craft and growing plants pervades his artistic projects.

During the finissage on 29th June (Friday) at 6 PM there will be organized a curatorial guided tour and harpsichord concert of Maurycy Raczyński.

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