The moon is for adults only

Artists: Olaf Brzeski, Hubert Czerepok, Inchrome, Natalia Juranek, Katarzyna Łaciak, Rubén Serna, Dominik Skiendziel, Grażyna Sokołowska, Rafał Urbacki, Paweł Wątroba, Konrad Wujciów
And: Alicja, Arek, Daria, Dawid, Dominik, Dorota, Iga, Julita, Klaudia, Magda, Martyna, Michał, Olga, Patryk, Roksana

The exhibition is co-created by the participants of the Art Youth Club, visual artists and teachers. CCA Kronika brings the viewer in the child’s imaginal world. This year’s main motif is a night: the colours of the dusk, lunar phases, daydreaming, secrets or fantastic evening stories. The pleasant story about falling asleep is made of symbolic installations that lead the viewer to the fairy land „on the other side” of the mirror.

The darkness is in the contradiction with the light, and it is pushed into the depths of human unconsciousness. Dante sets off out of the night that illustrates the imperfection, and in the further literary journey the night is identified with the death. This negative symbolism of fear and unfettered darkness of imagination permeates human mind. The children left in their room, surrounded with darkness, hope to see at least the light of the TV set. The mystery of the night that remains inaccessible for them is reserved for adults, that is why every stolen hour after the bedtime cartoon tastes like a forbidden fruit, a magic drink.

During the workshops, we looked at the dark shadows of the night together with artists and children: starting from confrontations with the nightmares, through the reaching the highest dreams. The main motif was the evening, the dusk as a moment when incredible things happen. We talked about the night processes in nature, about the influence of the artificial and natural light on the human’s mood, about the natural fear of darkness, lunar phases and constellations. In the different cultures the dream is understood as a supernatural phenomenon, in primitive beliefs it equals magic, in folklore only magical figures have access to a conscious dreaming. Is the moon „adult only” and stars „not for fun”? Young and adult artists invite viewers to look for the answers to these questions.

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