Shout Sister, shout! Project announcement

17 March 2023 ‒ 17 March 2024

We have good news! We have received a grant from the German Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft) for the project "Shout Sister, Shout!". The grant amount is 57,926 euros. Thank you!

Relaxation workshop in the installation space "Interior. Primal states" with Dominika Malska

27 December 2023
Education Workshops

The workshop is led by Dominika Malska - author of the installation and curator of the exhibition, art therapist, music therapist, educator at the Center for Contemporary Art Kronika.

Guided tour and closing of the exhibitions "Unsighted" by Julia Świtaj and "As long as you never know yourself" by Paweł Sobczak

20 October 2023
Meeting Guided tour

On October 20 we say goodbye to current exhibitions and on this occasion we invite you to a curatorial tour. The exhibition "Unsighted" by Julia Świtaj will be discussed by Katarzyna Kalina, and the exhibition "IAs long as you never know yourself" will be guided by Paweł Wątroba.

Guided tours of exhibitions by Julia Świtaj and Paweł Sobczak

26 September ‒ 18 October 2023
Education Guided tour

Plan a tour of our exhibitions with a guide!

Obszańska/ Dziedzic/ b2b dj set at the opening of the exhibitions of Julia Świtaj and Paweł Sobczak

9 September 2023

This evening Agnieszka Obszańska and Łukasz Dziedzic will take you into their musical "fairy tale".

Pastwa DJ set at the opening of the "Pomegranate Fruit" and "Divide and Connect" exhibitions

24 June 2023

A mix of techno & trance, disturbing atmospheres and a fast pace - these are Pastwa's plans for our next opening.

Made in Bytom - online map of cultural events in Bytom launched

15 June 2023
Made in Bytom is a site where you can easily find events organized by Bytom's cultural institutions. This is a proposal for all those who are looking for attractive forms of leisure activities. Enter and check it out at

BAZA 2023

March ‒ May 2023

Project Base is a series of meetings between young people and artists. It is a joint search and exploration, which leads to creative activity, and visualisation of their experience, thoughts and findings through art. 

SWAP Party in the park - as part of the Lombard Bytom exhibition

3 May 2023

On May 3, from 11:30 am to 4 pm, as part of the Lombard Bytom exhibition, following the principle: Don't buy, reuse we invite you to the open air, to Kachla Park for a cashless exchange of clothes - SWAP PARTY!