Shout Sister, shout! Project announcement

We have good news! We have received a grant from the German Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft) for the project "Shout Sister, Shout!". The grant amount is 57,926 euros. Thank you!

The centerpiece of the project will be a contemporary art exhibition designed as an educational tool. You will see it at our place next winter.

The exhibition will tell the story of women who were deprived of their dignity, humanity and ultimately their right to life during the Nazi era, juxtaposing their stories with those of contemporary women and today's exclusions. Several decades after the Holocaust, societies stop learning from history, fail to interpret it and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. By showing the mechanisms and effects of systematic persecution motivated by hatred of diversity, we want to awaken critical thinking and support the building of effective anti-discrimination strategies.

The starting point of the exhibition is very local. Our story begins with two women, Kathe Cohn (b. 1870) and her daughter Friederike Marianne Guttman (b. 1893), German women of Jewish descent, who owned a tenement at 26 Market Square, the same building where our headquarters are located today. Both left their hometown of Bytom as a result of heightened anti-Semitic sentiment in the 1930s.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an educational program for school groups and groups of senior citizens, scenarios for anti-discrimination workshops will also be created, and the whole thing will be summarized by a publication.

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