Agnieszka Obszańska & Łukasz Dziedzic

Obszańska/ Dziedzic/ b2b dj set at the opening of the exhibitions of Julia Świtaj and Paweł Sobczak

Agnieszka Obszańska & Łukasz Dziedzic

This evening Agnieszka Obszańska and Łukasz Dziedzic will take you into their musical "fairy tale".

 They will combine the best of Amazon and African rhythms immersed in energetic techno. From the pulsating sounds of Kampala, through the Mexican deserts, the Brazilian jungle, to the club sounds of Berlin. Rhythm, energy, techno, life. We`re here to dance!

The dj set accompanies the opening of the exhibitions "Unsighted" by Julia Świtaj (curated by Katarzyna Kalina) and "As long as you never know yourself" by Paweł Sobczak (curated by Paweł Wątroba).

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