Guided tour and closing of the exhibitions "Unsighted" by Julia Świtaj and "As long as you never know yourself" by Paweł Sobczak

On October 20 we say goodbye to current exhibitions and on this occasion we invite you to a curatorial tour. The exhibition "Unsighted" by Julia Świtaj will be discussed by Katarzyna Kalina, and the exhibition "IAs long as you never know yourself" will be guided by Paweł Wątroba.

The artists draw on mythology and recurring tales of monsters in history to subject them to creative reinterpretation and rehabilitate their characters.
The starting point of Paweł Sobczak's exhibition "As long as you never know yourself" is the myth of Narcissus. The Greek archetype of a young man fascinated by his reflection in contemporary psychoanalytic and philosophical discourses is read in a simplistic way, as emanating exclusively destructive attitudes. The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase of Teresias' prophecy with an inverted, affirmative meaning - danger awaits those who avoid self-discovery. In this new, affirmative version, the figure of Narcissus is a signpost of therapeutic introspection.
Julia Świtaj, in turn, explores religious beliefs and Slavic mythology. The "Unsighted" of the title in the world of humans were scapegoats, lonely monsters cast outside the bracket of the human community. In her work, the artist deals with issues of the social sense of fear of otherness, deviation from the cultural norm. In her paintings, all human, animal and made-up figures coexist on the same continuum, understood as a continuous set of infinite elements passing seamlessly from one to another.
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