Joanna Pawlik. Black Pasta

with the participation of Edward Gil-Deskur, Klaudia Kwiecień, Wiktor Okrój, Dorota Wach, Agata Wąsik


“I’m sitting in a job centre,
It’s warm and getting warmer, I feel it coming
A dream, a prophetic dream:
I wake up in my new house
I wake with a pain
It was a pain, great pain
Pain pain pain pain
Pain pain pain pain
Existential pain
Comes out of me
From my butt
Black Pasta
Black Pasta
Pasta pesto
Pasta pesto
Delicious, good, Polish, fresh, four-egg
Black Pasta
Black Pasta
Black family
Whole family
Sitting around me, clapping, asking
Edek, create!
Edek, make it!
Black, this black pasta
Make, produce, act, create!
That black business
That black honey
That black four-egg, delicious, excellent
Cause it was black pasta
Black pasta, black pasta
I’ve got the power!
I’ve got a job!
I’m strong, I’ve got the power!
Business, job, company
No taxes
Great international business
Cars, helicopters, islands, gold
Black Pasta
Black Pasta
No job is disgraceful!

Edee Dee (Edek Deskur), fragment of a piece improvised during a performance of “I’m wondernig/Zastanawiam się”, directed by Joanna Pawlik.

Joanna Pawlik – visual artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (studies at the Faculty of Painting in the years 1994-1999, diploma in Prof. Leszek Misiak's studio), in 2018 she defended her doctorate at the Faculty of Art of the National Education Commission Pedagogical University in Cracow.
The starting point for Joanna Pawlik’s art is the intimate issue of her own disability which is later expanded by including works by amateur artists into her exhibitions. By creating with other “performers of life” coherent statements in the form of exhibitions she curates and performances she directs, the artist modifies the tenor of amateur works. In the case of Pawlik’s art, the process of creating the works is as important as their “autonomous” existence. Striking relationships, overcoming barriers, repeating improvised stories and increasing the activity of the socially disabled lies in the core of Joanna Pawlik’s artistic practice. The artist wants to make a change and facilitate the authors’ coming out, which literally means coming out of the house. She herself had to face the “staring” when, after years of felling ashamed, she finally revealed her disability by showing her personal artworks to the public.
Pawlik is an author of many individual exhibitions: „Performerzy życia, outsiderzy sztuki/Life performers, art outsiders” at Shefter Gallery Kraków (2018); „Schron Bojowy” at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum (2017); „Czy to jest taki nierealny plan?– odsłona druga/Is it really such an unrealistic plan? – scene two”, Galeria Bielska BWA (2017); „Balans/Balance", Bunkier Sztuki (2010), she also participated in collective exhibitions, among others, in: „Czujesz to?/Can you feel it?” Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow (2018); „Artyści z Krakowa. Generacja 1970-1979/Artists from Cracow. Generation 1970-1979”, MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow (2017). Her works have been shown, among others, at Fotogalerie WUK, Wien; DOX Contemporary Art Center, Prague. She received numerous prizes, honours and scholarships, including the grand prize at the Biennial of Young Art Rybie Oko 5 (2008), residence at 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica (USA, 2010), the Młoda Polska scholarship (2010) and the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2008, 2013). First prize in the competition titled “Placówka” – the staging of her own performance at Zbigniew Raszewski Theatrical Institute in Warsaw, 2018. She curates projects by artists from the Outisder Art circle, such as the concerts „Nie wasz się pisać” and „Podnoszę lampę w stronę złotych drzwi” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw (2016). Joanna Pawlik’s works are in private and public collections. She lives and works in Cracow.

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