Collisions of unique energies. Educational project

A series of workshops on abstract thinking, on phenomena reaching further than our imagination allows.

During the workshop, visual artists together with young people and educators will develop the imagination, touching upon topics such as visions of the cosmos, influences on the future, and symbolic actions. Participants and tutors will reflect together on the inaccessible qualities of reality, and conduct imaginative trainings together. During joint meetings we will think, among other things, about what is created when two celestial bodies collide? What kind of creatures inhabit distant galaxies and can we meet them? Can we imagine senses to which we have no access? What functional plants could grow on distant planets and what cybernetic animals could we observe? As a result of the discussion and the formulation of common or individual postulates, the participants will create visual and sound installations symbolically referring to the transgression of the limits of human thought. The installations presented at the post-workshop exhibition will create a distant, research space station. The aim of the project will be to develop children's abstract thinking, which will have a positive impact on their ability to acquire knowledge, as well as creating independent thoughts during group work.

The project will be summarised in an illustrated publication for children and educators, containing a journal of the artistic residency in space and educational tasks. The printed publication will be available free of charge at the Kronika CCA, and in electronic form on our website.

The installations created during the workshops will be presented in the exhibition "See the Sun With Your Eyes Closed".

Project partners: Day Support Centre "Planeta Saturn" in Czeladź, Primary School with Integrated Classes no. 10 in Gliwice, Władysław Broniewski Primary School no. 3 in Bytom, Special School Complex no. 3 in Bytom

Project sponsor:  Fundacja Korkociąg

Media partners: Czas Dzieci, Silesia dzieci, Notes na 6 tygodni

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