Mlody Kotek. Kiosk concert

On the opening day of the exhibitions by Adam Łucki and Grażyna M. Olszewska, a concert by MLODY KOTEK will take place in the kiosk.

MLODY KOTEK - Lorelai b Woch, speaker, theorist/practitioner of music and other made-up things; in 2019 she released the album "TYCHY" about a made-up childhood and personal hauntology that bounced here and there - in 2021 she will release the album "FROM THE GLASS" that will bounce somewhere else. She was/is/will be part of projects such as New Age Speedball, after-party, toxic heat, The kid from Ohio who died. She comes from a Silesian family with a peasant-worker tradition.

  • Event
  • Concert
  • 19 June 2021
  • time: 8 pm
  • place: kiosk at Rynek 26
  • artist: Mlody Kotek
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