GET OVER IT. Małgorzata Mycek, Oliwer Okręglicki, Niko Płaczek, Ada Adu Rączka, Sebulec

The event is part of the Pride Month celebrations, inviting people to affirm together the richness of queer culture and live in harmony with themselves.

Inclusivity, or openness, is a strategy against the creation of closed social groups whose existence is a manifestation of discrimination against people on the basis of their origin, gender identity, sexual orientation or skin colour. An inclusive perspective embraces, respects and accepts diversity. It is a readiness for change and a willingness to understand and learn from it.
In the exhibition GET OVER IT, we look at queer inclusivity, which has long since found expression in the visual arts. Together with the artists, we address issues such as non-binarity, transgender and inclusive language. The works on display, complemented by the social campaigns of the invited organisations, make up a rainbow guide to minority communities. The event is part of the Pride Month celebrations, inviting people to affirm together the richness of queer culture and live in harmony with themselves.

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Małgorzata Mycek (he/him) - born in Sanok in 1993. Works with painting and performance. He grew up and currently lives and works in a small village in the Bieszczady Mountains. In his artistic work, he explores the theme of the periphery, which is romanticised in mainstream discourse. In addition, his interest in grassroots initiatives, queer, feminism, emancipation strategies and folk history resonates in his projects. He enjoys collective work. In 2020, he received his MFA from the Faculty of Painting and Drawing at the University of Arts in Poznan. He was awarded a distinction in the 46th edition of the Bielska Jesień Biennale, in the 12th edition of the New Image/New Look competition, in the 40th edition of the Maria Dokowicz competition for the best graduation work and in the Allegro Prize 2021 competition. He is a finalist of the 19th edition of the Artistic Journey of Hestia competition. He led the Bomba Wydawnictwo initiative awarded in the competition Young Wolves 19.

Oliwer Okręglicki (he/him) - Katowice resident, born in 2000. Fresh graduate of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. An enthusiast of devils. Works mainly with painting, illustration and typography. Thematically, he wanders around issues related to queer experiences, he is interested in corporeality and desire. He is a monster and nothing monstrous is strange to him.

Niko Płaczek (they/he) - born 1999 - is a transmedia queer performer, experimental video creator and lyricist. She has presented her work, among others, at the Textile Museum in Łódź, Zachęta National Art Gallery, Dobro Gallery in Olszyn, KANNSKI Gallery in Raykyavik, Pavilion in Poznań, during Krakow Art Week, as well as at film festivals in Europe and the United States. In her works, she explores themes of liminal, indeterminate functioning, experiencing trans non-binary identity or experiencing and assimilating 'I' with one's own body, among others.

Ada Adu Rączka (he/him/her/his/her/jex) - works with images, text and video. Author of the poetry books 'Let's not do anything, I beg. But let's tell others we did" (2019), "'Chciałośmy'" (2022) and "Byłobyśbyło" (2024) and the zine "Attempt to exit the belly | Attempt to enter the belly" (2021) created with Zofka Kofta and Girls* to the Front. Member of the collective Plenum of Caring People.

Sebulec (he/him) - studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He has participated in exhibitions at, among others, the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the Museum of Warsaw, Wrocław's Krupa Gallery and the Museum of Textiles in Łódź. He creates digital and tangible objects using 3D printing, composite materials, textiles, silicone, among others. His practice emphasises the expression of queer identity and is inspired by the aesthetics of internet fandoms, furry subculture and video games. He also creates animations, digital companion characters and avatars. She is a lecturer at the Faculty of Media Arts in Warsaw in the 3D and Virtual Events Studio II.

  • Exhibition
  • Concert
  • 29 June ‒ 11 October 2024
  • artists: Małgorzata Mycek, Oliwer Okręglicki, Niko Płaczek, Ada Adu Rączka, Sebulec
  • curator: Paweł Wątroba
  • cooperation: Stowarzyszenie My, Rodzice, Kolektyw Śląsk Przegięty
  • opening: 29.06 (Saturday) 7:00-9.30 pm
  • dj set during the opening: PLK (8:00 - 9:30 pm)
  • matronage: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii, Kolektyw Śląsk Przegięty, Stowarzyszenie BoMiasto
  • media matronage: Gazeta Wyborcza, Magazyn Replika, Magazyn Szum, NN6T, Śląska Opinia
  • graphic design: Marcin Wysocki
  • tickets: 1 PLN (reduced), 3 PLN (regular)
  • partnership: Katowice GZM 2029 - kandydat na Europejską Stolicę Kultury
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