Paweł Sobczak. As long as you never know yourself

Paweł Sobczak. As long as you never know yourself

Paweł Sobczak. As long as you never know yourself
The starting point of this exhibition is a myth about Narcissus, which is positively reinterpreted by Paweł Sobczak.

The Greek archetype of a young man that was fascinated by his own reflection in contemporary psychoanalytical and philosophical discourse is received in a simplified way, as an emanation of destructive demeanour. However, according to Sophie Strand, this story has more to offer. The whole essence of the new retelling is not an exaggerated admiration for oneself, because in the metaphorical lake surface not only we can see the reflection of a person, but also horizon and the ecosystem that surrounds us. Moreover, the exterior reacts to the environment, wind and light together with fauna and flora that lives underneath. Human figure is just one of the elements, connected to a broader extent with species commonality.

The title of the exhibition is a paraphrase of the Tiresias’ prophecy with an inverted, affirmative meaning - danger awaits those who avoid self-discovery and meditative gazing into their own face and, more broadly, into the entire network of functioning connections in the environment. In this new, positive guise, the character of Narcissus is a beacon of therapeutic introspection, the enhancement of self-esteem and a sense of belonging to the world, as well as the delight experienced in intimate contact with one's own body. Contrary to ignorant opinions, self-love is an indispensable part of mental balance. It does not lead to perdition, and in fact allows one to stay afloat.

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Paweł Sobczak (born 1997) - visual artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in the field of painting. He specialises in fatal romanticism, addressing the topics of spirituality, transience, sexuality and vulnerability. By using symbols and metaphors the artist engages in an internal dialogue with unconscious, receiving answers to the unknown, in the form of a finished work. His works are not the definite answers, they are a collection of post surrealistic visions that are connected by Jungian dream theory (Carl Gustav Jung).

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