"Shout, Sister, Shout" exhibition

The closing of the exhibition ‘Shout, Sister, Shout!’ - guided tour and meeting on the catalogue

"Shout, Sister, Shout" exhibition
On the last day of May, we invite you to the closing of the exhibition ‘Shout, Sister, Shout!’.
We will start at 17:00 with a curatorial tour led by Agata Cukierska and Katarzyna Kalina.
At 18:00 there will be a meeting on the exhibition catalogue (editor: Paweł Wątroba). The publication continues the herstorical threads linking the history of the 20th century to the present day by expanding the narrative to include new characters. Not all of them could tell their own stories, which is why it is so important for us to give them a voice on the pages of this book. The authors of the publication are Agata Cukierska, Anna Natalia Dzierzgowska, Joanna Ostrowska, Zuzanna Sokołowska and Paweł Wątroba.
Emphasising the educational aspect of the project, we conclude the publication with scenarios for anti-discrimination workshops prepared by Julian Czurko of the Owoc Spotkania Foundation. Worshops are easy to repeat in schools, organisations or local communities.

The speakers are:
  •  Agata Cukierska,
  •  Anna Natalia Dzierzgowska,
  •  Katarzyna Kalina,
  •  Zuzanna Sokołowska,
  •  Paweł Wątroba,
  •  Marcin Wysocki.
Participants of the closing event will be able to collect their copy of the catalogue.

"Shout, Sister, Shout!" project was supported by the EVZ Foundation (Stiftung Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft) as part of the “Local History" program.
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